Joining as a Mediator

If you are a qualified mediator and would like to be considered to join our national panel of specialist mediators please click on the link at the bottom right of the page.

You will be asked to complete a short form online to provide us with your contact details, training and experience details, areas of specialism and the regions of the country where you would like to carry out mediation work.

You will also be asked to submit a short biography which may ultimately be provided to clients enquiring as to your skills and experience when considering you to be appointed to their mediation.

You will also be asked to state a fee you would be prepared to accept for mediation work.  This is a fixed fee which can be amended each year, or earlier upon request.  Should you be successful in joining the Nationwide Mediation Group, this will be the fee amount that is added to our client searchable database.  This will then be available to clients who are searching for an available mediator, in their area, specializing in their type of dispute who is within their budget and of their minimum required level of experience.  You may wish to consider your rate based upon your experience and your desire to be appointed to mediation work. We do not charge you any part of your fees.

Please note that to join Nationwide Mediation Group you need to be able to demonstrate that you have at least £1 million pounds worth of professional indemnity insurance covering your work.  To undertake mediation of disputes with a value of higher than £1 million you will need to be able to show the requisite level of insurance and will be asked to attach or send in a copy of your current valid insurance certificate each year.

If you do not currently have insurance covering your mediation work, please visit our links sections for details of providers we have sourced.

 Unlike other organizations we do not charge staggeringly high joining fees or charge you a cut of your revenue.  All your fees are your own.  We do not guarantee that you will be appointed to mediation work but being part of our panel should increase the likelihood of your appointment.  Our fees are paid by the clients for our work in setting up and arranging the mediation with quality mediators at quality venues.  The only fee requested of our mediators at set up is a £25.00 fee to cover the costs of sorting the applications and getting them set up on our system.  You can then judge for yourselves whether you wish to remain our panel each year.