About our Mediators

All our mediators are professionally qualified by training organisations recognised as leaders in training mediators. 

Our mediators are based across the country and are either professional solicitors and barristers who specialise in a particular area of legal discipline or other professionals such as chartered surveyors. Whilst mediating for Nationwide Mediation Group these professionals are not acting in the capacity as a solicitor or barrister and will not be involved to provide legal advice nor will their work be regulated by the Law Society, Solicitors Regulatory Authority or the Bar Council. Likewise the chartered surveyors whilst working for us as mediators are not holding themselves out to conduct services as a chartered surveyor and therefore their work with us is not regulated by professional bodies regulating the work of chartered surveyors. 


Even though our mediators are not acting in the capacity of a solicitor, barrister, or chartered surveyor we do find it beneficial to the parties to the dispute for our mediators to have detailed background knowledge of the types of dispute that they are mediating.  Therefore parties should not have a personal injury specialist professional mediating in a commercial property dispute or an employment law specialist mediating a clinical negligence matter.

We appreciate other mediation providers do not share this view and we accept that in some cases an exceptional mediator can mediate across specialisms.  However, we feel that in many cases it is of benefit to our clients, and so to strive for the highest level of service to our clients, we maintain this requirement.

Our mediators range in experience and this is reflected in the cost for the mediation.  The value of a dispute or funds available to the parties may place restrictions on the level of mediator to be booked.   Our online booking system allows parties to search and book mediators dependent on area of specialism, geographical location, level of experience and cost.  Therefore ensuring that the parties can choose the highest level specialist mediator in their area for their available funds.


We ensure that all our mediators have been trained to the highest standards and undergo complimentary continued professional development training each year to constantly enhance and develop their skills.  Continued development training means our mediators are constantly encouraged to build upon and maintain their skills and abilities whilst having a current awareness of the latest methods and styles of mediation.

For more information on our online booking system please go to the booking guide.  To go directly to our online booking system click the link at the bottom of the page.