About Mediation

Mediation is a private dispute resolution process in which the parties are assisted in reaching their own negotiated solutions.

Mediation is a voluntary process in which all the information is confidential and without prejudice unless the parties consent otherwise.

It is not often that people would leave important decisions affecting their lives or their businesses to anyone else yet this is the case with litigation.  Mediation is an effective alternative to litigation which allows parties to remain in control of their own solutions.


- It is a cost effective alternative to litigation.
- It is fast.
- It allows the parties to stay in control.
- It is confidential.
- It may save parties working relationships.


We aim to provide a swift professional service in organizing and overseeing the mediation process to ensure where possible that the process from initial enquiry to final confirmation of resolution is handled professionally taking away the hurdles and difficulties in arranging mediation.  Our core values are professionalism, value for money, quality of service, integrity and confidentiality.

With accessibility to literally hundreds of employment specialist mediators and various venues throughout the UK we are confident that we can find suitably skilled mediator, to mediate your dispute in a location convenient to the parties without the requirement of hours of unnecessary travel and increased costs. 

of insurance to a minimum of £1 million pounds.

  • It can be less stressful than the litigation process.
  • It may lead to the win/win situation and rather than a win/lose situation as is often the case with litigation.
  • It may lead to future business between the parties.